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Empowering Villages Through Entrepreneurship

In 2015, we disembarked from a Carnival cruise ship headed for an excursion to a Mayan ruin site.  On the way, we noticed impoverished villages along rough, bumpy, pot-hole ridden roads - women were doing their laundry in the stream and “lawns” were being cleared with machetes - it was clear that life here brought many challenges. Our hearts were touched and we knew in some way, some day, we would return.

When Helping Hurts

Knowing that we wanted to use our agriculture and food preparation skills, the question then became how can we truly help without hurting? We know that the biggest reason that foreign support, whether missionary or humanitarian aid, often fail and cause more problems in developing nations for many different reasons - there is not enough training or oversight for long-term success, donated equipment fails and there are no funds or parts available, or the lasting impact of the project is not clearly understood are just some of the challenges of helping without hurting. With this understanding before us, we sought ways to make a lasting difference in the lives of families and schools - building strong, trusting, lasting relationships was the place we started, which is now the foundation from which our work is built upon.

Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company is born…

Within the next few weeks, we were led to people who help us with permits and permissions, export services, importers and import brokers, and just about every other piece of the puzzle for us to form a US based import business.  When we got back home, applications were filed, permits were sought, and documents were finalized and within 2 months, the Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company was born!


Not only will Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company give the farmers a place to sell their crops, thus helping lift Belizeans’ out of poverty.

We as an ownership team have committed to return 10% of profits back to our ministry Sowing Seeds in Belize.  Sowing seeds will work to empower farmers, provide educational scholarships, help with health care needs, and whatever and wherever God leads us throughout Belize!