Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company, Inc

I’ve been battling Chronic Lymes Disease for over five years now. Among the numerous symptoms are inflammation and pain in my joints. I learned through a friend about Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company and their Belizean Turmeric. I decided to try it myself by using a teaspoon of Belizean Turmeric in my morning health shake. I have to say it’s made a huge difference in reducing pain and discomfort in my joints. I notice when I travel for work, that if I miss having my turmeric for any length of time, my aches and pain begin to return.
— Steve F
This is the best turmeric I’ve ever used. I just ordered another pound. I use it to help control inflammation and the quality and strength of this turmeric is 2nd to none. It helps to also support such companies from a moral/ethical stand point as well.
— Fawn D.