Belizean Cacao - A Little Known Treasure from the Gem of the Caribbean


The quality of our chocolate products starts from the beans and our partner farmers play an integral role in the production of the fine flavor cacao we use in our Belizean cacao powder and Belizean cacao butter

It is extremely important to the quality of our products that we start with fresh cacao beans. All processing occurs within 6 days of harvest.

The Village of Jalacte

The Village of Jalacte

The beans are removed from the pods and fermented in the hot Caribbean sun before moving on to the processing phase.

Each week from December through April, farmers harvest the ripe pods from their cacao trees, and twice a week the fermented beans are collected from the dozens of cacao growers.

Do you know your Cacao Farmer?

Our cacao beans are sourced from ecologically and sustainably managed farms.  The trees are chemical free, grown using earth friendly agro-forestry techniques that use the mature rain forest as part of the eco-system, and are an integral part of the farming process.

It has been said that chocolate will save the rain forest…

We visit farmers to ensure that their practices continually meet our very high standards of sustainability and ecologically grown cacao.

Justo and Irma — Our Belizean Cacao Farmers

Justo and Irma — Our Belizean Cacao Farmers

What is cacao butter?

If you only know cocoa butter as an ingredient in popular skin care products promising to combat wrinkles and stretch marks, you only know half of what cacao butter has to offer.

The incredible health benefits associated with cacao butter are quickly turning it into one of the healthiest fats on a low carb diet like keto.

What is Belizean Cacao Butter Anyway?

In its original form, raw cacao butter comes from cacao beans which grow on the Theobroma cacao tree.

To get cacao butter, cacao beans are cold pressed as part of the process to make pure cacao powder.

Belizean Cacao Butter
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At room temperature, this oil solidifies just like coconut oil. But when it’s applied to your skin, the cacao butter melts like a lotion and quickly dissolves into your pores for instant hydration and moisture. 

Belizean cacao butter can also be eaten to reap its many health benefits. In addition to its rich taste, cacao butter is loaded with antioxidants, flavanols, and saturated fats that can help lower inflammation.

Cacao butter can be used as a dairy-free substitute for grass-fed butter.

You can add Belizean cacao butter to recipes, including dairy free and vegan ones, or use it to make healthier chocolate bars and other on-the-go keto treats, as you’ll see later.

But before we get to all of those, you need to know why Belizean cacao butter is worth including in your healthy keto lifestyle.  

The Top Health Benefits of Cacao Butter & Why It’s Great on Keto

Belizean cacao butter is packed with both essential fatty acids and antioxidants.  Unlike conventional grass-fed butter, this butter is completely dairy-free and considered a vegetable fat. While other vegetable-based oils contain inflammatory and damaging fats, cacao butter is loaded with natural, stable saturated fats that may help reduce inflammation.

A cacao pod ready for harvest (on Justo’s farm)

A cacao pod ready for harvest (on Justo’s farm)

Nutrition Facts:

1 TBSP Belizean Cacao Butter

8.1g of saturated fat

4.5g of monounsaturated fat

0.4g of polyunsaturated fat

There’s omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in each tablespoon as well. These healthy fats don’t come with a side of carbs or hidden sugars, either. Which is why cacao butter is amazing on a ketogenic diet. It’s essentially a fat bomb all on its own.

1 tablespoon of Belizean cacao butter also provides 27.1mg of phytosterols, which are plant compounds that deliver their own protective health benefits.Phytosterols have been shown to decrease harmful LDL cholesterol levels in patients who only consumed just 2g per day. That’s a fraction of what you’ll get in a tablespoon of cacao butter.

Like most fats, you wouldn’t want to eat cacao butter straight from the bag. Instead, use it to enhance recipes to deepen their chocolatey flavor and aroma.

A few simple ideas

Add it to Bulletproof Belizean Coffee:  Belizean cacao butter can’t replace all the benefits of grass-fed butter in Bulletproof Coffee, but it makes a delicious enhancement. Add up to a tablespoon and blend alongside your butter.

Supercharge your smoothies:  Add an easy dose of fat and flavor to cold blended drinks: Just add a tablespoon or two of Belizean cacao butter to your blender.


Below are some of our favorite cacao butter recipes.

Coco-nutty Belizean Cacao Butter


2 cups (165 g) unsweetened coconut, toasted

2 cups (280 g) hazelnuts, toasted and skin removed

½ cup (100 grams) melted Belizean cacao butter


Toss ingredients into your food processor and run until smooth!

Belizean Cacao Nut Butter


4 cups (560 g) hazelnuts, almonds, pecans, macadamia, or peanuts…or better yet, mix them up!

½ cup (100 grams) melted Belizean cacao butter.


Toss ingredients into your food processor and run until smooth!

Belizean Keto Chocolate Bar


3 tbsp Belizean cacao butter

2 tablespoons Belizean coconut oil

3 tablespoons coconut milk or heavy cream

2 tablespoons Belizean cacao powder

1/4 teaspoon Belizean cinnamon (optional)


Add all ingredients to a small pot and cook under low heat until cacao butter is completely melted. Turn off heat and mix well until smooth.

Pour contents into a chocolate bar silicon mold. Freeze for 10 minutes until set.


Whether you are following a keto-friendly lifestyle or are looking for some of the highest quality cacao products, look no further, Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company has what you are looking for!