Business As A Mission


Add a spice…educate a child.  Pour a cup…give a single village mom a job.

Quality products delivered to a viable market translates into dramatically improved quality of life among Maya farming families of Belize.

When my wife and I walked through the villages of Maya people in southern Belize this past November, the ultimate purpose of the business clarified.  Three realizations took shape in our minds and then our hearts…

  • This is not really about adding income to supplement our retirement someday. This is about providing a viable market for high quality spices and coffee that the Maya farmers are quite capable of producing.

  • But it’s deeper than that. It is more than providing a market.  If their goods can be sold, life quality can be significantly enhanced for the families of these villagers. Their increased income affords them the ability for their children to receive a basic education and the neediest among them can procure viable employment to supply food and clothing.

  • But then it became clear that our being a part of this business as mission has even deeper significance.  When a person has little to no opportunity to provide basic sustenance for their children, and they lack the ability to contribute significance to their community, an insidious and debilitating mental infection sets in… Hopelessness.

We could do something about that.  We were in.  And so we chose to partner in Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company.

And you also can do something about it… Simply by purchasing and consuming products (that you probably already use) that we import from that beautiful country on behalf of those beautiful people.

It’s a win, win, win, win proposition.

Partner with us.