This is the best turmeric I’ve ever used. I just ordered another pound. I use it to help control inflammation and the quality and strength of this turmeric is 2nd to none. It helps to also support such companies from a moral/ethical stand point as well
— Fawn D, Raleigh, NC
I’ve been battling Chronic Lymes Disease for over five years now.  Among the numerous symptoms is inflammation and pain in my joints.  I researched how tumeric may provide some relief.  That’s when I learned through a friend about Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company and their Belizean Tumeric.  It’s grown special in Belize and it’s been tested to have the highest content of curcumin, which helps reduce inflammation. I decided to try it myself by using a teaspoon of Belizean Tumeric in my morning health shake.  I have to say it’s made a huge difference in reducing pain and discomfort in my joints.  I notice when I travel for work, that if I miss having my Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company Belizean Tumeric for any length of time, my aches and pain begin to return.  I highly recommend trying Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company Belizean Tumeric to anyone seeking relief from similar symptoms!
— Steve F, Hollidaysburg, PA
I picked up a jar of fresh turmeric paste at Joos and am in love! I could not believe the price for something so fresh. Knowing the place of origin for the product and the farming practices under which they were grown I would’ve happily paid more.
— Robin M, Altoona, PA
My mom and I took a recent trip up to State College PA and ran into your stand at an outside farmer’s market. I purchased the soap nuts from your stand that day in hopes of finding something to help with my laundry smells. We adopted 3 boys almost a year ago and our oldest has significant psychological issues due to his poor early upbringing and bed wetting is something we’ve been dealing with for almost 3 years with him now. Trying to get the awful smell from a 9 year old’s clothing is almost impossible! I’ve been using a combination of things but there is still a bit of lingering smell after laundering his clothes and sheets. So I tried the soap nuts...ONLY the soap nuts...and my husband and I were amazed and thrilled to find there is literally NO smell after washing his clothes!!! I just purchased another bag of soap nuts and plan to continue my business with your company. You have made this weary mama a happy mama!!! 🙂 One less issue I have to try and tackle and they are so easy to use. Thank you for what you’re doing in Belize and for bringing these amazing products to our homes here in America. Blessings!
— Jess D, State College, PA