Green Cardamom

Cardamom "most expensive" is always at the top of the most expensive spices list, but the farmers see little return for their efforts in growing this crop, this is because of the intense amount of labor involved in the harvesting and limited processing facilities available to the farmers in the developing countries where it is grown.  We were able to come alongside of a few farmers and help them to build a simple passive solar drier which has allowed them to see a much greater profit.


Meet your Cardamom Farmers

The Chun family has grown cardamom for years...the difference this years was that felt good about the price being paid for their crops.  Some greenhouse plastic, PVC, duct tape and a few bush sticks have given them a place to add value and marketability to their product.


Meet the Chun Kids;

Remotely situated high in the Maya Mountains and living off a farmers wages these kids had little chance at an education, and little chance at a future off the farm.  We are hopeful that the relationship we are building with them will have a positive effect on their future!  Way out here there is no electronics, no TV, no running water, and no electricity, but these kids don't need all that to be happy!, 



On top of the world

The village of Pueblo Viejo is so close to the Guatemalan border that the farmers in this region rely on the Guatemalan buyers to offer then a fair price for their crops--this season, 100# of pepito seeds(Roughly translated as pumpkin seeds) would earn them $80, while their cardamom would bring only $.50 per pound!  Your purchase from MMCSC will help to change the poverty cycle they struggle against.