our roots

In 2015, Eric and Cindy Noel disembarked from a Carnival cruise ship and in Belize City.  They were quickly whisked through a chain link gate onto a waiting bus to take us to al-tun-ha, a spectacular display of ancient Mayan civilization.  On the way, they noticed impoverished villages, roads, schools, and shops in what we would consider to be disrepair...they knew in some way, some day, they would return.

In the fall of 2015, they met a couple who had been serving people in Belize for 20+ years helping to develop a sewing ministry.  We joined with them and The Word at Work in 2016 to spend 10 days on a visioning trip where we would get to know  many servants from throughout Belize.  We visited childrens' homes, rescue shelters, and the only prison in Belize.  We had planned to return in 2017 for 40 days to help build and develop sustainable agriculture programs at each of the facilities, then return annually to work along side of the individual organizations.

Although they will always be connected to these organizations, our work in Belize has grown to include an entire region, we will be working to build, individuals, families, and communities, through a business as mission.

Our work in Belize was facilitated by many links in the chain, Gene, Bev, Tim, and Kenny introduced us to Belize in 2016, where we met Pedro and Maria, who's love and passion for their people drew us to Southern Belize, to Salucio, who now serves as our agricultural extension agent. Then we met Shawn, in Punta Gorda who helped with exporting.  And John and Lisa, from Machaca Camp who are helping us stay compliant with the USDA, Sea Front Inn in Punta Gorda where missionaries can stay extended for a more than fair rate, and of course, Pastor Ishim and the people of San Pablo Village.  This is just the beginning of our story, and we would like to thank you for helping us to follow our calling in Belize with your purchase from Maya Mountain Spice and Coffee Company.  

All purchases help to support our ministry Sowing Seeds in Belize