Belizean Allspice

Belizean Allspice


Allspice is one of those spices that has universal uses. Paired with cinnamon and cloves, it makes for the best fall (or any season) spice combo for pumpkin pie, spice blends, or coffee creamer.

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Hand harvested and hand ground, this allspice has an intense and inviting smell. You might want to ditch the recipe and just sniff the package! This whole allspice is easily ground in a coffee or spice grinder and is great to use whole in mulled spice blends or sauces.

Allspice is one of the most important ingredients of Caribbean cuisine. It is used in Caribbean jerk seasoning (the wood is used to smoke jerk in Jamaica, although the spice is a good substitute), in moles, and in pickling. It is also an ingredient in commercial sausage preparations and curry powders.

Allspice is also indispensable in Middle Eastern cuisine, particularly in the Levant, where it is used to flavor a variety of stews and meat dishes. In Arab cuisine, for example, many main dishes call for allspice as the sole spice added for flavoring.

In the United States, it is used mostly in desserts, but it is also responsible for giving Cincinnati-style chili its distinctive aroma and flavor.


Organic Fair Trade Belizean Allspice

Typical Use

Use in Caribbean jerk, gingerbread, apple pie or dark chocolate desserts among other things.

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