The Health Benefits of Real Food

All of our products are sourced from the fertile volcanic soils of Belize.  We have searched the country from north to south and from the sea to the mountains to bring you the bounty of the land in it's purest from, chemical-free, naturally grown and minimally processed to retain all the health benefits nature intended!



Allspice has a complex peppery taste that resembles a mix of cinnamon, juniper, clove and nutmeg. Use allspice as a rub on your meat and vegetables or sprinkle it in your soups. It’s terrific for its anti-gas effects, and it aids digestion. Jamaican allspice also helps keep blood sugar under control, which is one of the primary ways to keep your arteries young.



Green cardamom is one of the world's most expensive spices by weight, but it is also one of the least profitable for most farmers throughout the world.  It is used in sweet and savory foods. Green cardamom has a thin, papery, green pod filled with small, black seeds..




Like many other spices, nutmeg is one of those fragrant additions to food that brings a little kick of warmth and curious complexity that, once tasted in a dish, can't be done without. Used in Chinese and East Indian cultures as a curative and aphrodisiac, as well as flavor enhancer, it was once a rare, costly spice prized by Byzantine traders who obtained it from Arabia.

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