The village market home parties

While the intent and purpose of Maya Mountain Coffee and Spice Company is to partner with the farmers throughout Belize, we have found that there are many others who are asking for help!  "Will you buy this, will you buy that?" or "Can you take this to America and sell it?"  We are strong believers in the knowledge that if there is a problem, there must be a solution and so, The Village Market Home Party was born!



Those who practice the art of turning wood on a lathe create beautiful works of art while using the exotic tropical woods.


the carvers       

Searching the jungle to source stumps and fallen trees, carvers produce  beautifuil and functional bowls, cutting boards and other carvings.


The Weavers   


The Mayan women weave as their ancestors did-with bushsticks and thread, creating beautiful brillant colors, designs.


The Baskets   

Women harvest fronds from the jippi jappa palm, sun dry them, boil them, dry them again and then weave them into baskets, coasters, hot plates, bread baskets and more.

Are you interested in hosting a Village Market Home Party?

When you attend or host a Maya Mountain Village Market Home Party, you will meet the people of Belize through coffee, spices and artisan products.  Our partners struggle to earn a living, but their lives are full, their culture is rich, and their skills are complex and unique. During your experience at Village Market you will hear stories about the farmers, the artists, and the craftsmen.  You will have an opportunity to explore Belizean cardamom, nutmeg, allspice, turmeric, annatto, black pepper, vanilla, cohune nut and coconut oil, all grown naturally in the jungle, brought to you in their purest form  

Together we can do some good - Will you be a Village Representative?

It's easy! Simply open your home and invite friends and neighbors. our team will do the rest.  As a Village Representative, you will earn 15% of the gross sales from the event.

Cindy Noel @ 814.569.8339 or Kay King @ 814.312.6839